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Del’s Brings Frozen Lemonade to Midtown!

The other day, Del’s Frozen Lemonade made its first appearance in Midtown in their newly refurbished adorable blue-green 1949 Chevorlet van, parked on the Southwest Corner of 52nd and Park. Del’s is a Rhode Island staple that Rhode Islanders keep very dear to their hearts, but Del’s history actually originated in Naples in 1840, when the family patriarch, Great Grandfather DeLucia, made frozen lemonade by first storing the winter’s snow in caves and insulating it with straw, and then mixing the snow with lemon juice and just the right amount of sugar when the lemons were in season in the summertime. Generations of DeLucias have continued the tradition in America, and according to Gothamist, the NYC Truck just got up and running this past May by native Rhode Islander, Cam Crockford. Prices range from $3.50 for a small to $5 for a large. Maybe today is not the best day for it, but once the sun comes back this should make for a great summer treat?

Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck, 52nd and Park (check Twitter for location)