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Get a Ton of Food From Chola For $5: Today's InBundles deal is a good one: fill a to go container full of food from Chola's buffet (on 58th btw. 2+3rd) plus get naan and dessert for just $5. Zach liked their chaat, but never tried their $14 all you can buffet or their $10 take out lunch.  Clearly this 50% off deal is just the push we needed to check it out!

Chola Is Making Some Amazing Chaat

Chola Chaat

For those who love the Indian street snacks known as chaat, the heart of Midtown is quite the wonderland.  But that’s little consolation for those who work in the NE corner of Midtown, where a little chaat might require a 15-20 minute walk (at least!)  Well, problem solved!  Lunch’er Chandrika (who translated the Taj Delhi Chaat menu for us last year) has tipped us off to the amazing chaat at Chola on 57th 58th btw. 2+3rd.  It’s slightly out of bounds, but completely worth it for those chaat starved lunchers in that area of our fine territory.

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