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Is BZ Grill Coming to Manhattan?

DSC04484Last week I lamented that one has to travel all the way to Astoria for some (delicious) bZ Grill action. This week Lunch’er Marie has some possibly amazing news in the comments: “My ‘rents went into bZ over the weekend after I showed them this post and the owner said he’s looking into bringing bZ Grill into the city because the rent prices have come down so much. Looks like Zach might get his midtown wish.”  I shudder (with joy) to think…

One Lunch Midtown Needs From Astoria: bZ Grill


I fell like every time I have ever brought up my quest for a real gyro here in Midtown, one out of bounds place has always come up in the comments: bZ Grill in Astoria. “bZ Grill this, bZ Grill that.” “You could make it out to BZ Grill and back in an hour” “bZ grill has the best gyros, hands down”. Well last weekend I finally made it out to Astoria for a little bZ Grill action, and I must say… if there is a petition to get these guys to open a branch in Midtown, I’d like to sign it.

You can order a gyro sandwich, and be pretty content- but I’d recommend going with a friend and ordering the mix grill… or as I liked it to call it, the “Big Mamma Jamma”.

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