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Carnegie Deli Sandwich Makes 5 Regular Sandwiches

20081201-pastramibigSpeaking of sandwiches, Serious Eats: New York conducted an experiment of their own recentlyand determined that you could make 5 “normal” size sandwiches out of one Carnegie Deli sandwich (on 7th Ave. btw. 54+55th). There is no mistaking the Carnegie Deli for a bonafide Midtown Lunch- the place is a complete tourist trap, their sandwiches are $15, and they charge you an extra $3 just for the “privilege” of sharing the food that you have paid for (a complete travesty!) But there is no denying they serve some damn good pastrami and corned beef, and even though Midtown Lunchers would have to eat two of those  ”normal” sandwiches to be satisfied, SENY has made it clear that getting a Carnegie Deli sandwich, and splitting it among multiple people, would be a completely worthy lunch for anybody who works in Midtown.