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Milano Deli Becomes Slightly Less Generic Cafe Bistro


I never had any great love for Milano Italian Gourmet the (arguably) generic deli on 34th btw. Mad+5th. A co-worker of mine used to call the place ‘Bag of air’ because there was usually more air in the bag they gave you than food. Still, being literally the closest place to buy food from my office, it’s always been a go-to for a quick five minute lunch on hectic days. Last week Lunch’er “Goats” noticed that they had changed their name to Cafe Bistro, so I stopped by today to investigate.

They do in fact have a new owner, and despite the name it is neither a cafe nor a bistro. In addition to the salads, panini and such, there is also a menu of ‘international’ sandwiches featuring American, Italian, French and German varieties. I can’t say it’s particularly exciting, although I have to admit mild curiosity about the ‘Sloppy Joe,’ listed as German – and filled with meatloaf and bacon. Intriguing or terrible? I’m not sure. Has anyone else checked it out? Let us know in the comments.

You Decide: Is Milano Italian Gourmet Just Another Generic Midtown Deli


Our Downtown Lunchers have been eagerly searching for a Rosario’s replacement ever since the popular Italian deli closed last year.  But when Lunch’er “Goats” suggested in the comments that there was a Rosario’s-like option in Midtown, I had to check it out.

“My heart still cries when I think of Rosarios and how it was taken so quickly from me (after only 3 visits)…That was the first establishment I found via Midtown Lunch (and It was a downtown establishment!) .I was there the last day and was as close to tears as I get when a beloved food establishment shuts its doors. I have found 2 replacements in the last year as well, Milano Deli on 34th between Madison and 5th (HUGE Italian sandwiches for 7.75:get the Milano special and you will almost think you are back at rosarios) and Defontes of Brooklyn on 21st and 3rd.”

Defonte’s is well know, but sadly too far out of bounds for me… so I excitedly headed over to Milano last week to check the place out.

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