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Get Solid Indian Street Food From the 1 Penn Plaza Halal Cart

Prowling my way across 33rd en route to scout out something new and exciting on 7th Ave (spoiler alert: nothing yet), there has to be something good where all the union ironworkers and building tradesmen gather on their lunch break. The construction on Penn Station has them congregating on the north side of 33rd for lunches, where no less than five carts – three halal carts, one hot dog cart, and one fresh-squeezed juicery – seek to service the foot traffic on this exit from Penn. All five look like any other carts, but I happen to notice that one of them shows a list of Indian items. Okay, now we’re talking – lamb over rice is one thing and can be had almost anywhere, but if you say you do palak paneer then you have my attention.

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