Panda Express Will Most Likely Open Locations in Midtown

We may start seeing a lot more of Zach now that his perennial favorite Chinese steam table buffet is descending on Midtown. Last year, Zach came back to the city to hand out free orange chicken in celebration of Panda Express’ arrival. At that time, the only sure things were that they would be opening a location on 69th and 1st and up in the Bronx.

Now Commercial Observer brings news that they have acquired two spaces in Midtown. Firstly, the old Zen Palate space just out of bounds on Ninth Ave and 46th Street will begin to smell like orange chicken. And at 835 Third Avenue (at East 51st), they have leased a large space in a former Pax. Plus, there is still talk about them opening a location on 8th Ave and 31st Street.

No dates or official confirmations have been set yet, but I know someone who is very excited.

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