The Pennsy Opens Today with the Return of the Cinnamon Snail

I can only imagine the crowds will be insane. Today is the first officialy day of The Pennsy, the new food court just above Penn Station. Gothamist has a look with photos of the offerings, including a sandwich stall from Pat LaFrieda, an Italian spot by Mario Batali and Mary Giuliani, a place for lobster rolls and other shellfish by Marc Forgione, a new location of The Little Beet, and perhaps most notably, the return of The Cinnamon Snail in their first brick-and-mortat venture. Bring on the crowds and the vegan donuts.

We’ll have a closer look at the food in the coming week or so, but early adopters, leave your comments below.

The Pennsy, 2 Penn Plaza (at Seventh Ave and 33rd St)


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    I stopped by last night to check it out. Interesting concept with the different stalls: meat, vegan, gluten free, seafood, booze.

    Of the big players…

    Marc Forgione was hanging around his place sampling the food. I take it as a sign of a good chef who doesn’t want his name on something that is going to get panned for serving mediocre food.

    No sign of Mario.

    I did not see Mary either, but no doubt she was around since this was her baby.

  • should I wait a bit longer for Tuesday content?

  • No! Time to say it!!!!

  • I am glad I was patient

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    I’ve been once, so have only had one item thus far – the banh mi sushi roll from The Little Beet. It was pretty good, though the rice was a touch undercooked. Seems like a pretty simple thing to get right, but it wasn’t egregiously undercooked, and given it was the first day I’ll let it slide. Pretty nice selection across the multiple stalls, which makes it a good choice for going with a group, and a decent amount of seating. The 33rd street wall is glass garage doors, which presumably they’ll open during nice weather, which should be very nice.

    It is however similar to broadway bites and madison square eats in pricing, which, while not surprising, is a little frustrating. Even for something good, I’m not a big fan of going above $10 for lunch. (Especially since the banh mi wasn’t particularly big).

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