Pret A Manger’s Holiday Sandwich Sounds Awesome

For those of you who just love Thanksgiving so much you want to keep eating it – or those who aren’t indulging in the ginormous feast scheduled to take place on dinner tables across America tomorrow – Pret is offering a holiday sandwich that should scratch that itch.

Comprised of “roasted turkey breast (antibiotic-free), a pork sausage, pancetta and apricot stuffing, tangy cranberry sauce, crispy onions, and fresh spinach nestled in 9-grain bread” (yes that was copied directly from the press release), just $8.49 will have you flashing back to those family fights and uncomfortable silences in no time.

Drunk uncle screaming about politics not included. Well, you can take your sandwich around the corner and find someone doing a good imitation, I’m sure.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Pret a Manger, Multiple Locations


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