The Ultimate Lunch We Need in Midtown

I love my city. I love how Midtown Lunch has made people WANT to work in Midtown Manhattan for the lunches alone for almost 10 years now. But let’s face it – sometimes other cities do lunch better.

And while Zach has talked about what we need from the Bay Area, Clay told us what’s up with South American lunches, and even Jamie told us what New Orleans has that Philly’s missing – this beats all of those handily with one arm tied behind its back. Blindfolded.

Yat Lok in Hong Kong serves this roast goose over rice so good that I’m tearing up a little remembering lunch on my birthday there. Look at that meat – rich, dark, nearly boneless, just amazing.

What takes this to unreachable perfection in the eyes of you, my dear Midtown Lunch’ers?

They charged me $52 HKD for that plate, which translates to roughly $6.50. The goose leg is more highly-prized (and totally delicious, way fattier – it’s on the table too but not in the picture) and goes for $108 HKD, so this beauty? dirt cheap.

Oh, roast goose… why aren’t you here with me now?

Yat Lok
34-38 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong


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