Midtown East Clarke’s Standard Shuttered

On my Midtown wanderings yesterday, I passed by Clarke’s Standard and was greeted by this horrifying sight! You guys may remember me battling it out with y’all for what really is in the spirit of ML – calling you complainers and whiners, and mocking you when my lunch went over the $10 limit by 7c.

Regardless of your feelings on the place or my rantings, does anyone know what happened? It’s always sad when a reasonably priced and tasty option disappears, but the signs don’t tell me what’s going on and I couldn’t find anything on the web to tell me why. Eater referenced the Union Square one closing being the ‘final demise’ which implies this location has been closed for a while, but I haven’t walked up here for a while.

Everything’s papered over, but I didn’t hear work going on inside. Anyone? Tips are always appreciated – about this, any shutters, any new places we need to check out.

Clarke’s Standard, 636 Lexington Avenue (southwest corner of 54th Street)


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