Pret A Manger Freebie Alert

Pret A Manger is opening its 42nd location in New York on Friday at 52nd and 7th, and to celebrate they’re giving away free breakfast or lunch (or both).

Stop by the newest location today from 8am to 10am and get a voucher for free breakfast and between 12 pm and 2pm to receive a voucher for free lunch (while supplies last). The shop itself doesn’t actually open until Friday.

Freeloaders, engage!

Pret A Manger, 787 7th Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Streets


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    FYI, I work in the building as a legal secretary – but when I went to the lobby entrance at 12:05 I was told we are NOT open and come back tomorrow. Approximately 1 p.m. the attorney I work with went down with a few people, were asked if they worked in the building and were ushered right in. I don’t appreciate being sent packing because I was not in a business suit.

    • MMartinez, I am checking with my contact who alerted me to this, as another ML’er tweeted me about an issue as well – I forwarded your comment to her, but this is what she told me (before she saw your comment):

      “The free lunch vouchers indeed are for everyone. Pret is doing a separate, invite-only lunch for businesses in the area during specific times. This invite-only lunch doesn’t impact the free lunch voucher giveaways – which are only available while supplies last. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

      I do not understand what exactly is going on, I am on lockdown in Midtown East or I would have tried to run over and see what the issue is.

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    Well, that proves it. Two more attorneys at my firm just told me, go down and grab lunch, they are giving it to anyone who works in the building. Unfortunately, just not my kind I guess.

    • This was her response:
      “Thanks so much for alerting us. I contacted Pret directly and their social person will reach out to her directly as well as Benjamin. Here are some additional details around the situation: At 12pm, Pret only allows people, who received vouchers in the morning, to enter. As time goes on, theyopen the shop up to people without vouchers as well. So I believe that she wasn’t let in not because of her attire, but rather she came too early to be let in without a voucher. I hope this clarifies the situation. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

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    I understand; however, I went down on the advice of a co-worker who was let in without a voucher. When I was told to return tomorrow when they were open for business, I was given a voucher – for a cup of coffee. I think I will pass on the coffee however.

  • Pret just tweeted me:

    “Oh no! Apologies for the confusion. We gave out free lunch vouchers in the AM…which may have been the “invite” that our team member was referring to…”

    Also asked me to DM them my email. So maybe they’ll offer me something.

  • MMartinez – I sent an email to the email address you provided for your comment, a message I was asked to pass along to you [it contained contact information, asking you to reach out to them, or I'd just post it here].

    After a bit of back and forth, the confusion appears to be from me reading the press release and not understanding it properly, then communicating what MY understanding (which was wrong) into this post. Apparently you were meant to visit in the morning for either free breakfast, or a voucher to return between 12-2pm for lunch. I thought (and wrote) that you could visit between 12-2pm and get a voucher for free lunch. (What actually happened is that at some point between 12-2, the people manning the Pret realized they could accommodate more people for lunch and started letting people in without vouchers.)

    I am really sorry for the miscommunication/misunderstanding. This is really on me, not the Pret team.

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