David Chang Opens a Fuku Location in Midtown Today

Grub Street just reported that David Chang has surprised everybody by opening a second location of his hugely popular fried chicken spot Fuku in Midtown today.

They open for the first time at noon and I imagine the lines have already begun to form at the Chambers Hotel on 56th Street, the same location as Ma Peche. This location seems to focus on fried chicken bites called Fuku bites, along with other confusing menu items like Sichuan Pork Flatbread and Salt & Pepper Shrimp. No prices are listed, but the full menu can be seen here.

There are also package options that are by reservation only and include a sandwich, salad, fries, and other goodies. There is an XL for 2-6 guests at $25 per person or an XXL for 4-8 guests at a total of $400. Office party anyone?

Early adopters and line waiters, leave your reports below.

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    Line on the sidewalk was not long maybe 5 deep to get inside.
    I asked the guy the wait time he really didn’t know and said 4…5 minutes.
    i said, 45 or 4 or 5 minutes?
    And he said yes.
    Frack it walked down the street waited 10mins for my soondobu.
    Walking back, the guy who would of been in front of me didn’t even make it in the door.
    All i could think of is how much it would suck to wait in line for 45minutes and they run out of chicken.

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