UberEATS expands service up to 59th Street

So Uber waited all of two weeks to roll out UberEATS to the rest of Midtown. Since initial launch, they’ve been tweaking their food delivery service, lowering prices (below $10!), eliminating the delivery fee, etc. Apparently they’re comfortable enough to roll out to the rest of Midtown! They claim delivery fees will start next week, But note that the delivery fees are still absent from their initial launch areas, so lets hope delivery fees stay clear in their newly expanded territory. Who’s willing to take the bait? Would love to hear someone’s feedback on their promise of good food delivered under 10 minutes. As for me, I’m gonna take my full lunch hour outdoors until hurricane tropical storm season sets in.


  • running out of time…….


    The “better late than never – again” edition

    • “Although I live in a city with good food minutes away from everywhere, I want to dick around with a web app so I can wait forever for some unwashed hobo to deliver my food and pay for the privilege” … said every asshat hipster ever

  • starting to wonder if this will be the most recent post as of that certain time next tuesday as well

    *heavy sigh*

    • hey, it’s friday before holiday… how about a song

      I remember, I remember when I was just a kid
      Growin’ up on them backstreets, in an old stone-age town
      I used to come home at night from my job, I had a job flippin’ dino burgers
      I see the quarry, it’d be just closing down by then
      Little bird up on the pole, he’s screaming out how the working day’s over
      And I’d see them dinosaurs, they’d be herding out through the gates
      And the workers, they’d be giving them cars a running start with their fat little feet
      Now, so, so one night I’m crossing the alley and I see this one worker coming home to his little stone hut
      And I seen the lady’s lunch pail by the door, and he calls out to his wife, “hey Wilma! I’m home, honey”


      Flintstones, meet the Flintstones
      Well they’re the modern stone-age family
      From the town of Bedrock
      Well, they’re a page right out of history

      Well let’s ride with the family down the street.
      Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet

      When you’re with the Flintstones
      we’ll have a yabba dabba doo time.
      A dabba doo time
      We’ll have a gay old time, a gay old time


    • well, here we are, tuesday again, and…..

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