Indikitch’s Second Location Brings Dosa Tacos to Midtown West

This popular Indian version of Chipotle has expanded beyond its Flatiron store to Midtown West, in the old Ladino space. This real estate has had a LOT of turnover, but Indikitch will most likely be holding its ground for awhile here. With their prices and flavors, it’s a no-brainer for lunch in this area.

Be warned that spices and flavors are milder than authentic Indian. Get in line and choose your vehicle for delivering the curry: dosa, salad, biryani, or feast. Then choose your main curry. I love how half of the choices are vegetarian. Only the Mushroom Kadai is vegan for you difficult ones.

If you choose a feast (like my coworker), you get to also select which type of rice, dal, naan, and kachumbar you want.

I’m a huge fan of dosas, so I had to go that route. However, my coworker confused me when she asked if those “tacos” were my order. I assumed my dosa would have been coming from a large griddle in the back, but the entire kitchen was actually right in front of us. Apparently, Indikitch’s dosas come as three taco sized rice crepes. Man, I really enjoy the ridiculous size of traditional dosas, but I guess this form is more manageable on the go.

I got mine with the mushroom kadai, a perfect blend of ginger, coconut, and heat for me. But what really puts any dosa over the top for me is the coconut chutney on the side, and Indikitch remembered that detail! I slathered that over every bite. I wonder if they’d give an extra cup of coconut chutney if I ask nicely…

Near the cash register, there’s a bunch of samosas sitting out tempting you, but at $3.44 a pop, you best steer clear unless you’re making a whole meal out of them. Three samosas go for just under $6, a better deal.

My coworker went for the standard, chicken tikka, as a Feast, basically a lunch platter with sides of beans, rice, bread, salad, and curry. Where do you get 4 types of sides under $10 for lunch?? Can’t deny the portion size either. Halfway through her meal, my coworker was already regretting her additional order of samosa.

Seating takes up one length of the space, and people eat quickly enough that you don’t need to worry about waiting too long for a seat.

My favorite seats are always window seats, unfortunately close to the entrance, but there’s no better way to take in this beautiful weather.

An earlier complaint about the original location was its proximity to Curry Hill, which has much more authentic renditions of the same kind of food. However, up around Columbus Circle, we have fewer options in that category, making Indikitch a welcome addition. Now we just have to check out the newly opened Chutney Kitchen.

Indikitch, 940 8th Avenue (btw. 55+56th). 646-918-7778


  • Personally, I’m a Chutney Kitchen fan. I’ve been to the flatiron Indikitch and I found it underwhelming. When Chutney Kitchen opened, it was far, far better than what I had previously had at Indikitch. Maybe this location has improved, but I’m sticking with what I know works.

    • I’ve found that Chutney Kitchen seems to be skimping noticeably on the protein phase of meal construction. But it’s also considerably closer than this Indikitch, so I suppose I’ll have to make a special trip.

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      I remember the Flatiron store’s flavor as a bit bland (for Indian), and my coworker’s chicken tikka didn’t change my mind on that. BUT the mushroom kadai on the rice crepe with coconut chutney really hit the spot for me. I’ll give Chutney Kitchen a try next week!

    • Gotta say, I was underwhelmed by Chutney Kitchen. I love the concept and I was dying to try them once I heard about them, but when I did I found the portion sizes lacking for the prices they charge and the flavors a little on the bland side.

  • Looks yummy!!

  • I visited this place a few days ago. The concept is unfamiliar for indian food, but the food itself is pretty good. Indikitch is the americanization of Indian food.

    I had the pulled pork which a friend told me wasn’t indian. The reason I tried it was that it was the only “feast” marked as spicy. It delivered on spice. The feast is a good amount of food. I thought overall the meal was solid.

    The other thing that was interesting was that it had a long line. Maybe there is a marget for americanized Indian food. There was an Indian buffet restaurant on 56th near the corner that didn’t look as busy. It might be interesting to compare the two. See how a conventional meal stacks up against a sanitized one.

    There seems to be a trend of these Chipotle style places poping up for various cuisines.

    Indikitch: Indian
    GRK: Greek
    Dos Toros: Mexican

    Ordering is very confusing, at least for the feasts. It looks like you get one “protein” and one of the sides. It’s actually one protein and

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