DF Nigerian Brings the Funk to Street Food

We got a hot tip yesterday that a food truck serving Nigerian food had been spotted in Midtown East. Was there really a rare bird like this so close to my office? Why, yes, yes there was. And the DF Nigerian food truck serves some unique food that doesn’t shy away from funky flavors. 

The truck is generally parked at 44th St. + 2nd Ave. (on the NE corner when I visited), although it may be on a neighboring street if there are prohibitions due to happenings at the UN or otherwise, I was told by the man at the truck. This truck is also a different beast in other ways, the first of which is that they serve Nigerian breakfast and lunch items.

A steady stream of customers came and went from the truck while I was standing there, including a woman who had called ahead and had come to pick up her Nigerian favorites. Most of the items may be unfamiliar to regular lunchers, but ask questions and they will be patiently answered. I decided to get a snack from the breakfast menu (not pictured, but featuring several items) and a meal from the lunch offerings.

Among the breakfast items are an omelet featuring spicy red pepper ($7), a meat pie, sausage rolls (each two for $5), and the bean cakes called akara (six pieces for $5). I got the above: puff puff (five pieces for $3). They are essentially sweet donut holes with warm spices, and were a hit with my co-workers.

I first inquired about the egos—a dish made with seeds from certain melons. Sounds weird, but is really tasty. All they had was a version with various bits of beef, including tripe, and I was after fish, so instead I got the above technicolor orange dish of jollof rice with fish ($10). They do not cater to straight-laced lunchers at this truck, as the fish was bone-in and pretty funky, as I discovered when I took the lid off at my office. This is best enjoyed outdoors or at home as you also have to pick small bones from the fish. However, the rice was amazing, with tomato, spices and some heat. You will notice that there was no vegetable included.

The second thing to note about this truck is that all of the meals are prepackaged in labeled containers, with the snacks held in warming cabinets. I will note that the puff puff didn’t suffer from this fate and all of the food was hot.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a change from regular street meat or the new-school food trucks, give this truck a shot. Just eat it in a well-ventilated area.

DF Nigerian food truck, in the area of 44th St. + 2nd Ave.


  • Thanks for the heads up about the funk!! It seems like it’s about to get too hot to eat outside, guess I’ll stick to offending people in atriums nearby with stinky lunches hahaha. Anyway, I will definitely check this out, looks pretty interesting – would you say any of it is spicy? (Just remembering my past experiences with… spiciness…)

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      The dish I had was definitely a little spicy, but nothing crazy. He has plenty of different dishes, so maybe just ask what’s not spicy and I’m sure he’ll point you in the right direction.

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      Yvo, are you going to check out Burlap Sack, the new Potatopia-like place? Interested in seeing how it compares to Potatopia.

  • yum, joloff! such a unique truck, which is rare these days

  • no content since Friday, so, uhm, yeah….


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    Really nice! Hope I would taste these spicy dishes too.

  • I hit this place yesterday. I had the Fried Rice with Goat Meat. I’m not sure what made the rice “fried” but whatever. It was a good plate of street food. Flavors and dishes were mostly unfamiliar to me. The lack of familiarity will be intimidating to most people.

    They serve breakfast all day, though I barely recognized most of the breakfast options. I need to try more of this truck. The one item I tried was pretty good.

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    The truck is usually on that block because the Nigerian mission to the UN is there on 2nd Ave. I imagine they get a lot of customers from there who are looking for familiar cuisine from home.

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