Vive La Crepe joins the French fray around Columbus Circle

Crepe lovers rejoice! Although Columbus Circle has a plethora of casual french eateries (mostly above ML budget), no crepe maker has set up shop til now. Mini chain Vive La Crepe added another spot across from Carnegie Hall about a month ago. Just walking by, I inhaled that wonderful whiff of sugar and butter, but I had already bought some bread at Maison Kayser, so I’d have to wait til another meal to try them out. The crêpes range from $6.50 to $10, with plenty of savory options available. The crêpes looked nice and thin, browned perfectly.

I only wonder if they’ll stuff each crepe with enough filling to constitute a meal, not just a snack. Give it a try and let us know!

Vive La Crepe, 912 7th Ave. (b/w 57th and 58th St.)

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  • I hit this place today. I went for gluttony and got two crepes. One Ham and Cheese and one Nutella. I thought the crepe dough (is that what they call it?) didn’t have the most appealing taste. The ham and cheese crepe overall was good. It was fairly filling.

    The nutella crepe could only be good. It would have been even better if it had more nutella in it. Crepe lovers should visit and judge for themselves. They should also drop in across the street at Petrosian and get some croissants for home.

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