41st St Cafe Duke Shutters

As noted by ML comment-er D, the 41st and Broadway Cafe Duke has shuttered and has been gutted inside. While Cafe Duke was never truly a great ML lunch, I thought that it was better than most options in the area, especially if I needed a quick and convenient soondubu fix. Less notably, the Baja Fresh across the street has also called it quits. Thankfully, you can now get Korean food a few blocks away at Liberty Cafe.


  • Has Baja Fresh completely pulled out of NYC now?

    Sad to hear about this Cafe Duke closing. If the other one closes, it’s a major loss.

  • Looking forward to seeing what pops up in these two spaces. The Cafe Duke space is enormous.

    Also, that Baja Fresh was a complete disaster and I’m glad to see it gone.

    Fingers crossed for some quality additions to the lunch scene in this neighborhood.

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