Absolute Greek Enters the Ring As Yet Another Blue Greek Truck in Midtown

I stumbled across yet another “Greek blue” truck in midtown – this one on 47th between Park and Lex – and snapped a few photos for y’all (I was committed to eating kielbasa to celebrate dyngus day). Pictures of the menu after the jump…

Plenty of specials and nearly the entire menu at or under $10, with only one item (souvlaki platter) clocking in over $10 ($12). Unfortunately, this is another truck that doesn’t seem to care about updating its social media outlets with its whereabouts; I saw this the Monday after Easter (dyngus day!) on 47th Street between Park and Lex, along with a bunch of other trucks, but I have no way of knowing if that’s a regular Monday spot for them.

Has anyone seen this truck around and/or tried it? Let us know in comments…

Absolute Greek, 347-729-4850 to order ahead.
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    That gyro sandwich better be incredible and/or gigantic to justify a price double that of a halal cart gyro.

    On a somewhat related note, I wish someone opened a doner cart. Ever since Bereket on the LES closed, I haven’t had a good greasy doner sandwich.

  • I believe this truck is always in that spot (although I am not 100% certain of that). I have not eaten their food yet, but my coworker likes it a lot. I keep forgetting about them and always go to Uncle Gussy’s, which has real Greek gyro (pork doner) some days of the week. :-)

  • Greek gyro is the authentic NYC street meat. The halal stuff is a low grade imitation.

  • Dyngus day summary:

    Śmigus-Dyngus, AKA “Wet Monday.” Boys and girls get each other wet and then take turns spanking each other with pussy willow branches. The celebration lasts two days. There is food too. In America, a variation of the celebration involves giant sausages.

  • I had a gyro here today. It was OK. I liked Lil Zeus more.

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