Breads Bakery Coming Soon to New Bryant Park Food Kiosks

Super exciting news – three new kiosks will be opening up in Bryant Park, in the old Starbucks/’wichcraft spaces – Le Pain Quotidien opens today, April 13, and Wafels & Dinges is scheduled to open second, sometime between April 15 and 30th.

I know, that’s great and all but the most exciting is Breads Bakery will have its first midtown outpost! No word yet on exact opening date for that kiosk, but I will update you as I find out more information.


  • Ohhh Breads is where Scharf & Zoyer got their Everything Croissants.

    Good thing I’m eating carbs again. Hello chocolate babkas!

    • Good memory!! I forgot about that and I worked there, eesh. The everything croissants were specially made for Noah though, I don’t believe that’s an actual menu item (unless things have changed?).

      • I had to get up extra early to pick them up for him that day. I have forever associated Union Square with that memory.

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