Shabu Shabu Kobe Has Japanese Groceries and Lunch Specials

We got a tip recently about a brand new Shabu Shabu place that is just the latest Japanese restaurant with an attached Japanese market. Shabu Shabu Kobe had stopped serving lunch by the time I arrived (3pm), but I got some photos of the menu, the groceries, and an exciting peek at their upcoming breakfast specials.

The company is run by Kobe Bussan, which operates 800 restaurants and 680 supermarkets all across Japan. This is their first American outpost, but they also have their eyes set on Williamsburg and the Financial District.


The menu is a hodegepodge of Japanese dishes, with a focus on shabu shabu. The boiled meat is, as expected, out of the ML price limit, but they also offer a handful of under $10 lunch sets that come with a drink and dessert, like beef curry and okonomiyaki.

While exploring their packaged selections, I also noticed a sign that hinted at $5 sandwich and coffee specials.

Upon asking, I learned it will be available for breakfast starting in the next week or two. The website also lists a Happy Hour from 5-6pm with $2.50 draft beers/ So it looks like there are some exciting possibilities here. Has anybody had a chance to try the food yet?

Shabu Shabu Kobe, 3 West 36th Street (btw 5th and 6th Ave), 

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  • I got a curry with beef lunch special from here the other day. It was the worst curry I have ever had in my life and i LOVE japanese curry.

    I will never go back here for lunch special… but from the looks of the “kobe” beef they were selling, I am skeptical about trying their shabu shabu…

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