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First Look: GRK Ups the Gyro Game in Midtown East

In case you missed it, GRK opened its second location in NYC a few days ago, on Lex btw. 44th & 45th streets. It’s smaller than the first location in the Financial District, but the menu is the same: meats spinning on spits, a few sides, salads, and fresh and frozen Greek yogurt. With a wealth of similar options nearby, my main question was, could GRK compete? I made the ultimate sacrifice and revisited their food after a couple of years to find out the answer. Read more »

Midtown Is Losing Cafe Edison, One of our Greatest Lunches

I woke up to the saddest news I’ve heard in a long time. Decades old Cafe Edison on 47th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue, is being evicted from their stuck-in-time space and will close within a month. The Hotel Edison is sending them packing, much llike they did to their other tenants, Sophia’s and The Rum House. I don’t want to imagine what will replace them.

Of all the classic New York institutions, this is the one that was most personal to me. And to this day, it’s really the only reason to step foot in Times Square. Their legendary matzo ball soup, blintzes, sandwiches and never-changing prices will be sorely missed and Midtown will be the worse for it.

We just visited them back in April and now I think I may have to spend all my lunches there for the next few weeks – until the landlords kick me out too. I suggest you do the same.

Newly Opened Black Iron Burger Still Working Out The Kinks

If waiting longer for your food makes you think it tastes better, you’re in luck. If you like to pass the time by checking people out and enjoy a sausage fest, even better. If you can also forget spotty service once a burger hits your tastebuds, get yourself to newly opened Black Iron Burger, now. But more seriously, everyone and their bros seem well aware about this opening. I’m only here to let you know, is it worth the wait?

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GRK Opens Today With Meats on Spits, Yogurt: Looks like the gas was finally turned on over at the second NYC location of GRK on Lexington btw. 44th & 45th streets, because we just got word that they're opening today. On the menu is lamb/beef, chicken, pork and portabello mushroom "yeero" in platter or sandwich form, and fresh and frozen Greek yogurt. You can get all of this from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, and noon to 10 p.m. weekends.

First Timer Report: Midtown’s Alidoro is Just OK