The Craffles Truck Has Me Baffled

Spotted this truck tucked behind the Mystiik Masaala cart on the northeast corner of 54th and Park – Craffles. I’d already eaten lunch, so I snapped a pic of the truck and its menu before heading on my merry way… picture of the menu after the jump

Um, sorry, not sure what I was looking at when I took this photo, but if you click on it twice, you’ll see that nothing is over $7 – including the “La Mere” crepe, which is explained on the menu thus: “carab/lobster meat, French onion dip, cheese”. (You’d think a purportedly French cart would know that ‘mere’ is ‘mother’ and ‘mer’ is sea, but the “OUR STORY” section on their website says they are 3 Russian guys and a guy from Belarus, so I guess that explains all the spelling errors.)

Their website,, makes no mention of the truck, however – just lists two pushcarts at two other locations around the city, making it sound like they’re fairly stationary. Hmmm.

There’s also a “Say the secret word for $1 off any item!” on their site, but try as I might, the graphic doesn’t reveal a secret word for me.

All these puzzling items aside, has anyone tried their crepes or waffles? At these prices, unless they are teeny tiny, it doesn’t sound very sustainable as a business… There was no line when I walked by around 2pm, either.

Also – strangely enough, after I walked by here, I passed by a second Mystiik Masaala cart – parked on 53rd and Lex, barely a block from this one. Miscommunication about where to set up? I could literally see the other from where I stood. Bizarre.

Their Facebook, which makes no mention of the truck either…


  • haha…did you see the blog? I was surprised to see that both posts received so many comments, only to find that their the victim of spammy comments, similar to the ones in the midtown lunch forums!

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    Yvo: I must have walked past on the same day. I noticed both the Craffles truck and the second Mystiik cart. I gave the menu of the truck a once over and moved on…

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      That being said, I have a relatively new entry for lunch.

      A couple of years ago, I was walking from Penn and came across a new sandwich shop that happened to be open for breakfast. They only had one sandwich, a pita filled with egg, hummus, diced veggies – it was $4 and delicious. It was called The Picnic Basket. At the time, I only found it twice, then totally forgot about it.

      Fast forward two years, they have a new location in Midtown East in the Crystal Pavilion (805 3rd).

      They now have 3 or 4 breakfast sandwiches and a full lunch menu. I enjoyed their Chimi Chicken sandwich the other day.

      Most items are not over $9.00 pre-tax.

      Here is their menu:

  • Joe – I noticed a few days ago that the 2nd Mystiik cart is still parking next to Bian Dang… weird, right?

    Thanks – I am going to check out The Picnic Basket after I return stateside. Sounds really tasty!! :)

  • The two indian carts have been near each other for weeks.

    • An Indian cart affiliated with Mystiik used to be at 51/6 every day, but packed up a couple months ago. My suspicion is that it’s one of those two carts.

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