Famous Halal Guys Now Control Both Sides of 53rd and 6th; Imposter Cart Disappears


Is the epic street food battle of 53rd street finally over?! We received a tip via Twitter earlier this week that the Imposter Cart was no longer on the SW corner of 53rd and 6th, and sure enough yesterday we discovered a brand new Famous Halal Guys cart in its place. This should end the confusion that we’ve been covering for years, but the big question remains.  What the hell happened to drive away the “Imposter Cart” (who it’s worth noting, placed ahead of the Famous Halal Guys cart in last year’s Street Meat Palooza.)


Of course the guys working the cart weren’t much help yesterday when I inquired as to where the previous tenant of this corner went. They just shrugged and said they didn’t know. They told me this new branded cart started parking here this past Monday, although a sign on the cart still lists their spots (and this daytime location is not on it).

Could this be a result of the recently filed lawsuit? Did they buy the impostors out or chase them away?  In fairness, the Famous Halal Guys did make the spot famous with their nighttime cart… I suppose it’s only right they now control the spot 24/7.

Either way, this appears to bring a somewhat sad end to the legened of the Famous Halal Guys and their equally popular imposter cart. I can’t help but wonder if anybody this week waited in line for what they thought was the Imposter cart only to realize they were in line for an imposter of the Imposter Cart!


  • I guess no Street Meat Palooza this year :-(

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    This sucks because the impostors were lately serving better food than the real deal.

  • Funny how I didn’t even notice, as this is where my office building is. The one thing I DID notice, the lines on the SE side of 53/6 as well as the cart on 53/7 have been SUPER long lately. I was wondering if people finally wised up or were informed that the SW corner of 53/6 was an imposter.

    • The 53/7 line has picked up a bit lately, but it’s only too much at the sweet-spot time (a little before 1 until after 1:30). I still beat the people waiting on the 53/6 SE corner.

      Tacos y Quesadillas fills in just fine if I’d rather wait for my lunch to be prepared instead of standing in line for a nearly equivalent amount of time.

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  • No more the epic battles on 6th avenue and 53rd when the streets ran red and white with hot and white sauces.

  • No doubt in my mind that the imposters were turned into Soylent Splamb and are now being served (over rice) by the new cart.

  • Halal mafia. I don’t understand the hype behind Famous Hala Guys. Their street meat is some of the worst street meat I ever had.

    • Like a mosquito to the campfire…

    • I thought it was just me. Terrible, drunk or sober. Really really acrid nasty flavor. Nothing redeeming whatsoever.

    • Yeah, their meat is chopped up way too fine and sits steaming under foil., kinda bland. But, their sauce is really good. I’ll give them that. But I prefer places like Rafiqi’s to Halal Guys….

  • Agreed, sauce is great. Food is crap. Either way, good for them. They must be making a killing.

  • This is an outrage. First the Halal Guys bought/pushed out Shendy’s, and now this. Someone should offer a reward for the safe return of the imposter cart. In the meantime, I believe a boycott is in order.

  • Their sauces are the best part, for sure. However, I think any combo plate lives or dies by their sauces. Lately their meats have seemed a bit salty. One nice touch that a lot of carts don’t do is add the pita bits. For a traditional halal combo, they are still my no 1. Proximity does help since my door is 15 steps from their line.

  • Word on meat street is that the Halal Guys paid the imposters $400k to cease & desist. A sad day for consumers, but good for them if it’s true.

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