Melt Shop Melts My Heart w/ Their Fried Chicken Sandwich


One of my coworkers, AMM, is obsessed with Melt Shop. When she’s having a stressful work day, she orders from them – yep, they deliver! so no excuses in the upcoming cold weather or for those who don’t leave their desks for lunch (but you really should! take a walk! it’s good for you). One day when neither of us was having a bad day at work, we walked over so she could introduce me to the joys of Melt Shop.


The thing is — I’ve known about Melt Shop for ages and have toyed with getting lunch from there many times. But some places you just know you’re going to love, so I’ve avoided actually eating there for this entire time. AMM ordered her usual, the truffle melt with havarti, truffle oil and arugula. I didn’t try any (I don’t particularly care for truffles, but also think truffle oil is an abomination to food), but she happily ate the sandwich and orders it whenever she can so I think it’s safe to say that it hits the earmarks of a properly grilled cheese sandwich, yes? (Crisp, toasty exterior; melty gooey interior; flavor notes hit.)


We also split an order of tots, which were perfectly fried as to be super crisp on the outside, with slightly less fluffy potato on the inside. Still good. Oh, still very very good…

20140924_132339.jpg 20140924_132350.jpg

Anyone who knows me already knew without blinking that I got the fried chicken sandwich: fried chicken, pepperjack, red cabbage slaw and melt sauce on sourdough. While the sandwich did hit the right notes in terms of texture – perfectly crisp bread, chicken that wasn’t overcooked nor dry, and lots going on to keep the sandwich interesting – I have two minor complaints. I’m not sure if they actually used pepperjack or if that’s just what’s on the menu; I tasted no zip of heat whatsoever and I would have liked a tiny bit to say “hello! I am here, in your mouth!” The second niggle is why the melt sauce? It just added to a messy handful for me. It didn’t seem to add much in terms of flavor, so I don’t know… why? Those nitpicks aside, though, the sandwich was thoroughly satisfying and I was full when I finished eating. There’s a lot of butter/oil in this sandwich, so that adds to the full feeling. I was not unhappy paying $8.96+tax for my sandwich, and while I can’t say I’ll be a regular, I know that I’d definitely like to go back for the Buffalo that fellow ML writer Jerry M. seems to love so much – hopefully it’s got more of that kick I’m seeking.

Please note: we went to the original location at 53rd/Lex, which is barely a window in the wall. It’s outdoor seating only, and the menu is more limited than many (all?) of the other locations. Hopefully, this means that in the winter months there will be no wait… as we all need to look for ways to gain weight to combat the Arctic winter ahead of us!

Melt Shop, Multiple Locations

  • 135 West 50th Street (btw. 6+7th). 212-974-3423
  • 601 Lexington Avenue. (btw. 53+54th) 212-759-6358
  • check website for other locations (Flatiron, Downtown, and a new one coming soon to Midtown West!)


  • I ate at the West 50th St location on Friday, and also could not resist the fried chicken sandwich. I agree on all counts. It was fantastic and satisfying, but needed a little zing (which I was expecting from the pepperjack) and it was just a little too oily. But overall, a delicious gutbomb.

    Plenty of seating in this location. Super long line that moved fairly well at 1pm.


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    For comparison, here is what the same sandwich looked like April 2011:

    I have not eaten here since then, but here’s a tip because I’d like to see some new content rather than the same recycled articles (Sorry Yvo)….I often notice that Melt Shop has a $5 off Paypal coupon available in the mobile app. In fact, there is currently one available that expires Nov 19th – so no rush to use it.

    • Hmm, I think it looks better now — is that what you’re saying? But awesome!! Thanks for the tip on the $5 off!

      Regarding recycled articles, I can understand that. I came into this late in the game; this is the first time I’ve worked in midtown since 2003, and ML started in 2006. Unfortunately, despite my lament above that people should leave their desks, I don’t tend to do so myself, so I rely on MLers giving me tips for things to check out. So please keep them coming :)

  • I think I reviewed this location in 2008 and the fried chicken was my favorite.

    But then someone said is it grilled cheese if you add fried chicken? But I think it’s whatever you want it to be when there is fried chicken involved!

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