Langos Truck Brings Hungarian Fried Dough to Midtown


Tacos, pizza, burgers, lobster rolls. Those dishes are pretty much covered when it comes to food truck offerings. I have to admit I’m getting a bit bored by all the new food trucks serving variations of the same thing. Enter the Langos Truck to save the day.

This truck debuted at the beginning of the summer, but has made limited visits to Midtown. I caught them once in the FiDi and then again last week in Midtown. Their schedule is a bit more varied, including some under-served neighborhoods like Sunnyside and Borough Park. But they need to show Midtown a bit more love. Especially since they’re offering something completely different.


A langos is a Hungarian street food that lives in the sweet world between pizza and funnel cake. The truck offers the dish in a variety of options, including Smoked Salmon, Pepper Lovers, and Tzatziki.


On my first visit, I just wanted to see what this was all about and so stuck with the traditional. This was more snack than lunch and reminded me of something I’d get at a street fair. But, boy was it good! The crisp dough really was perfect – with tender soft doughy bits toward the center. It’s slathered with garlic oil and topped with sharp white cheese and plenty of sour cream.

The greaseless dough had a slight sweetness and the toppings brought out savory sour and tangy flavors. No question that this was an Eastern European dish!


On my second visit, I was hoping for something a little more substantial and so picked the special (since that was the only one on offer with meat). It was the same perfect dough with some really colorful toppings. The leeks and cornichons were fresh and potent, but I was disappointed with the meat. Prosciutto cotto is just another word for ham and these slivers reminded me of the terrifying processed Lunchable meats I used to love as a middle schooler. It didn’t add a whole lot of flavor aside from salt. Other than that, it was not much different than the traditional (same cheese and sour cream).

This is definitely a truck to try. The traditional langos is really really good. It might not be enough for a meal for everybody, but it’s a hearty snack and totally worth a visit. I know I’ll be back for round three hoping to find the perfect lunch option.

Last Friday they were parked on 47th between Park and Lexington and should be there again today. Double check their Twitter feed before heading out.


  • So the dough is fried?
    Looks good. There aren’t too many Hungarian options in the city. I’d love to try the salmon.

  • That’s one heck of an exhaust fan on the roof

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    Sour cream and cheese is real! (possibly lot of garlic)
    Tejföllel és sajttal az igazi! (esetleg sok fokhagymával)

    Good appetite Hungary !!!!!

  • I visited these guys a few days ago. They have some thing that ML’ers love.

    1. Fried crust
    2. Cheese
    3. Pork

    The Langos must be a calorie bomb considering the core of this meal is fried dough and cheese. I got the Spicy Pork. It had chopped up ham(?), and a little bit of hot sauce. It wasn’t really spicy, but it was fine. I’m not sure if more health aware people will like the Langos, but I did.

    There are other more conventional items on the menu as well.

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