Taipan Express Brings a Blend of Chinese, Indian and Thai to Midtown

Spotted this truck in Midtown on 52nd and 6th on Monday. The Taiwan Fusion Express truck has been around since March and had a brief mention here on Midtown Lunch; they have a brick and mortar location in Queens apparently. I’m always wary of sharing my opinion on Asian food – especially Asian fusion! and my bias against places that offer multiple Asian cuisines (they offer Thai, Chinese and Indian, says their Twitter); my Asian food palate is really rusty and specific to the things with which I grew up and my expectations. Having said that: has anyone tried this truck? What did you get, what did you think? A picture of the menu after the jump…

Here’s the menu, with lots of items to pique your appetite. Prices are within the ML range – but I found this less-than-favorable review on NY Street Food. I can’t promise a full review is coming from me – maybe one of my ML comrades will step in to share their thoughts – but you can find Taipan Fusion Express via their Twitter (today they’re on 47th btw. Park+Lex).

And as always, if you have a tip, please email, tweet, comment – share it with us! I need all the help I can get finding places to write about. Thanks!

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