New Puerto Rican Truck Pulls Into Midtown


Last week, I noticed another large grouping of food trucks along 47th Street between Park and Lexington. We’ve discussed the concerns involved with these seemingly awesome gatherings in the past, but for now, the options on that street are plentiful. The most exciting for me was the discovery of a new truck. Latin Kitchen NYC is bringing Puerto Rican flavors (an under-represented cuisine) to the streets. It turns out this truck is the follow-up to a Bronx restaurant that was featured on Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout. After testing the waters in the Bronx, the truck started parking in Midtown early last week.


┬áTheir signature dish is a sandwich called El Jibarito, with fried green plantains standing in for bread. But the menu is large with lots of meat sandwiches ranging from $7-$15. And a few appetizers and sides that sound legit. Follow their Twitter feed to track their locations (they’re back on 47th today) and while a full review will be coming soon, please let us know if you had a chance to try the food in the comments.


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    I’ve eaten from this truck twice in the past 2 weeks. The “bayamon” and “el churry” were both very good sandwiches and reasonably priced. The truck seemed a little overwhelmed by the crowd, but the people were pleasant and gave out free water bottles to those waiting. The truck is a nice addition.

  • Top pic … no spinning rims?

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