Has Pam Real Thai Shuttered for Good?

In what could be the frontrunner for the saddest closing of 2014, it looks like Pam Real Thai¬†(on 49th btw. 9+10th) may be done for. The restaurant was shuttered when I swung by during prime lunch and dinner hours earlier this week and the phone line has been disconnected (although their webpage is still active). Pam Real Thai has never received the breathless coverage of some of the other Thai joints in Hells Kitchen. However they were one of the vanguard Thai restaurants that helped turn Hells Kitchen into ‘Thai town’ over the past decade, not to mention a beloved neighborhood staple.

Could they be a victim of the recent rash of rent hikes that have been killing off restaurants this year? Pam Real Thai has certainly had a history of financial troubles. Or perhaps they’re just taking a break? We certainly hope its the latter.
Thanks to Jessica L for the tip. If anybody else knows anything, let us know in the comments.

Update: Pam Real Thai has re-opened! I called the restaurant to confirm (they were closed for renovations) and their seamless page is active again.


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