Papaya King Goes Mobile Today, Bringing Hot Dogs to Midtown

You read that right! That old New York institution, Papaya King, has gone mobile. The official launch is today June 25 at 52nd Street and 6th Avenue, and to celebrate they will be selling hot dogs with all the toppings for $3, and plain dogs with sauerkraut will be $1 from 2-3pm. If you can’t make it out today, they’ll be in Midtown all week long (55th & B’way on Thursday, and then 52nd & 6th on Friday.)

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    Checked it out.

    Hot dog is awfully thin, but had a good taste.

    $3 is the reg hot dog price, plain or with toppings. Kind expensive.

    They have 2 dogs, fries & drink for $9. A little better deal.

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