At Lunch Now: Mexicue is Now Open!

We got word this morning via twitter that the long awaited Mexicue brick and mortar is now open, so naturally I headed down to check it out.  Place was a bit of a disaster today (naturally) with long lines and by 2pm they were out of a lot of food- including rice, which meant no burritos. If you were expecting a take out place, you might be disappointed.  It’s actually all about seated dining, with a lot of tables and a big bar. There is a to-go area, but it seems a little small for the amount of traffic I presume they will get.  Either way, we’re excited they’re finally open.  I’ll be back again tomorrow… a little earlier, of course.  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

Mexicue, 1440 Broadway (40th btw Broadway & 6th Ave)

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    I went early before it was packed, and I still bailed. The whole hostess-for-fast-food schtick was EXTREMELY off-putting. It was purposeless and pretentious in a very Brooklyn-The-Brand™ way. I have zero patience left for that kind of pompous Millennial b.s. I’d rather walk father to a real neighborhood place.

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