2 Beans Has A Wall of Chocolate

2 Beans

Brian spotted 2Beans (Park btw 40th+41st) preparing for opening over the fall, but it wasn’t until the past few weeks that I got the chance to stop by and check it out. And holy moly, they have a wall of chocolate (plus coffee and pastries and fancy groceries.)

2 Beans Chocolate

When you walk in, you can chose left or right; left being the chocolate side, right being the cafe. I went left because wall of chocolate, though the right side was where all the late afternoon action was. These aren’t your regular Hershey bars, rather high-end chocolates from around the world including some rather unusual ones. There is also a case with small bon bons for choosing.


Head to the back and you have fancy imported groceries and a cold drinks case. I focused on the drinks since I saw Fentiman’s Ginger Beer and other sodas–as an irregular soda drinker, when I do spring for one, I like to treat myself. I didn’t stick around too long to see what’s there for lunch, partly due to the fact that it was almost evening rush hour, but I can say that if you’re waiting for a train out of Grand Central and want a quick coffee or need a fancy food present, this might be your spot.

2 Beans, 100 Park Ave (btw 40+41st), 212-937-8914

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  • Love this place. They have gelato too. And if you get the coffee to stay, they serve it with a little piece of chocolate.

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