Famous Halal Guys Going National!?

Huge street meat news out of the New York Times over the weekend about the most popular halal cart in Midtown (and winner of our very first Street Meat Palooza).  The famous Halal Guys cart has signed a franchising deal with Fransmart, the company that helped Qdoba and Five Guys go national. Within a year they hope to be in “Los Angeles, along the East Coast, across Canada and in the Middle East… An early glimpse at what a Halal Guys franchise might look like will come next month when the first shop opens on 14th Street, just off Second Avenue.”


  • Their street meat isn’t even that good. I don’t understand the hype.

  • ^ agree 100% Their sauce is really good, meat is ‘meh’ at best. They’ve become more of a tourist thing than a paragon of streetmeat anyway.

    • Bah. The meat is as good as anyone else’s who uses standard gyro meat. The sauce (especially the harissa) and the rice are well above the average.

      You want chunks of higher-quality lamb, sure, go to the Kwik carts. You want minimally-chopped gyro, there are plenty of carts doing that.

      They’re exactly the paragon of street meat. This is precisely what pretty much every cart doing street meat used as their benchmark.

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    Just had it today. Been eating it once a week for the past 7 or so years. It is the same it has ever been. Same quality of meat. Sometimes a hair better than others. It’s fine though. It’s good. It’s 6 dollars. What do you freaking want? If you know of a better one that is a rando, then throw up your guns, son!

    P.s. If they seasoned up the meat and then put the sauce on it, it would be way too salty and people would complain. The sauce is a necessary part of the dish or it is way bland.

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