Bistro Truck is Back, But As a Cart

For the last few weeks, Yassir Raouli, the owner of Bistro Truck has been quietly running a food cart from multiple locations around the city. He decided to close the food truck back in 2012 due to difficulties with permits and to focus on his downtown restaurant Rustic LES. But now he’s back on the streets.


The cart is not fully wrapped with the Bistro Truck logo, but it will be in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can visit the cart and try some of his excellent Moroccan food, like the chicken tajine and his skirt steak sandwich. He’ll be in Midtown on Mondays and Fridays at 47th and Park. He’s also setting up in the Flatiron (19th and 5th) on Thursdays. The Twitter account is active once again and you should follow him to verify locations and specials.


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