Classic 49th Street Pizzeria Bella Napoli Has Closed

Here’s some sad news reported by multiple lunchers last week… it looks like Bella Napoli, the pizzeria on West 49th street, has closed. For years it was a standby lunch spot for a lot of offices in the area, so ML’ers, if you have nearby pizza recommendations, leave them in the comments.


  • Between Bella Napoli and Labeleca (200 W40th just off 7th) closing, where do I go for my old school pizzeria pizza? I work in the middle of these two standbys on 44th and 7th, I’ve tried Abitano’s (1435 Bway) and Famous Familigia (686 8th) (as well as some 99c offerings) but none were even close to being as satisfying. Recommendations welcome, thank you!

    • Not sure if you noticed but Labeleca is now Kati Junction. On the same block, closer to 8th avenue, is Siena, which is pretty reliable. If you want to trek down to 9th avenue you’ve got Two Boots and their eclectic menu and toppings.

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    Around the area, I would recommend Little Italy Pizza (45th between 5th and 6th).

    And this is definitely not old school, but I enjoy being able to make my own pizza at Café Duke (51st between 6th and 7th), plus they have whole wheat crusts.

  • Probably too far south to be considered “nearby” but easily the best slice I’ve had in the city can be found at a place that’s also called Little Italy. It’s not the same company as the one on 45th, I don’t believe, and while that one’s good, this one is superior.

    They sprinkle bread crumbs on the counter when they form the crust and it makes for a great crunchy texture, especially when you ask for it ‘extra crisp’. One sausage/pepperoni slice makes a great meal – so good and so good for you!

  • A bit off-topic, but I just posted to the ML forums! They are alive and, um, not so well. Pretty active with spammers over the past several months. And yet there’s an anti-spam (picatcha) thing for all new posts. Why do spammers get to use the forums and we don’t??? Why is there STILL no usable ML forums? The death of the forums largely killed this site. Doesn’t anybody CARE????

    • Ah, the biannual (semiannual?) gripe. There’s clearly no impetus to repair the forums or the Twitter tracker, so we just have to suck it up and find alternate means.

      The spam there has dropped considerably, and at least the last I looked, it’s the same few usernames, which means someone in a developing nation is getting paid the little bucks to manually post garbage to an unnoticed location. Quality control at its finest!

  • This has nothing to do with the article, but I noticed two new trucks in midtown today. Gary’s Steaks was parked on 46th between 5th and 6th and Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza was parked on 50th between 6th and 7th. Anyone try these spots yet?

  • holding back…..tuesday isn’t over yet……

  • Teresa’s on 51st between 5th and 6th serve up good slices.

  • Can’t…..hold………much……longer


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