Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen Now Open

I don’t think we’ve ever pined for another health food restaurant here at ML. But for fans of Mexican food who wish they could find healthier options in Hells Kitchen, here’s an exciting to get excited about. Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen is now open at 417 W 47th St, and has a menu packed with Mexican staples such as tacos, tortas, and burritos, most of which qualify for a under $10 Midtown lunch.

Al Horno’s (which translates to baked) concept is to transform Mexican items that are traditionally fried into healthier versions of themselves. There’s steak served here for sure, but juices, kale, tofu and quinoa make up the bulk of the menu. Early first hand experiences (and snarky comments) are welcome in the comments.

Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen, 417 W 47th St (Between 8th and 9th Ave); (212) 977-1000


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