Help Cinnamon Snail Get a New Truck on the Road

Last week, our favorite vegan truck Cinnamon Snail was shut down by the Department of Health. Not because there were any sanitary or safety concerns, but because they had not renewed their vehicle registration. Now they’re stuck waiting a long time to receive another permit from the DOH. So, in the interim, they decided to try and buy a new truck that is already permitted so that we can have our sandwiches and doughnuts. But it’s not cheap, so they started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds. And there’s only 12 days left, so here’s a link to the Kickstarter page if you’re interested in contributing.


  • I find this kind of thing incredible. This is an established business asking for a handout from their customers where the customers wont own stock for this kind of buy in, so no return, except for the privilege of giving them more money in the future. Go to the bank and take out a loan like everyone else.

    • That’s the current world we live in: everyone is asking for a handout, even the rich! But the thing is that there are suckers who will donate, so the joke is on them!

  • This just sounds fishy they forgot to renew there registration so they need a new truck?

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    Yea I think it’s ridiculous to ask your customers for a handout because someone in charge didn’t have the sound mind to make sure there current truck had all the necessary paper work to be running… They want a free handout for a screw up that was their fault and that seemingly could have totally avoided.

    I’m of the mind that you shouldn’t get free money for a pretty careless mistake…

  • I like their food but perhaps a discount on their food for a period of time to those who give to their Kickstart campaign would sweeten the motivation.

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    I agree with the previous commenters about not giving out free money (and think they should just take a loan and leave the donations to those who really need it like the homeless), but in all fairness some of the options to donate include free food at the truck amongst other goodies. And the whole page was written so well that it does kind of make you want to donate.

  • This sounds like some total bs. You gonna tell me this insanely popular truck isn’t squarely in the green after 4 plus yrs that they have to beg for handouts rather than use their profits to fix their fuckup??? Plus its a vegan truck. I’d sooner light a wad of 100s in front of their faces than finance them….fucking cheap bastards! When the apocalpyse comes, cheap people like this will get theirs! God sees all!

    • This is worse than cheap… this is evil. Kale evil. Quinoa evil. This is even the highest of high evil…. yes…. acai evil

      May the green liquid feces from ten thousand White Castle toilets back up into their organic free-range fair trade chamomile tea dispenser

  • If they contribute 1 million towards my manhattan condo I promise to enjoy living there.

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    I’d contribute if that Liza chick showed off some more skin.

  • It’s the world’s oldest kickstarter campaign in fact

    Bad news: In this case, the T’s belong to Zach
    Good news: They’re C cups!

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