The Rotisserie at Chicken Provence Might Haunt Your Dreams

Rotisserie chicken is not exactly a “hip” food, nor one that you often hear people gush about (not counting that one place on the Upper East Side.)  That second part changed for me last week when this tweet @Midtownlunch sent me to lunch at Chicken Provence—a newish French chicken takeout place—on 39th St. (btw Lex + 3rd). I got no less than five comments from people back at my office wondering what the amazing smell was. The good news was the chicken lived up to the aroma wafting from it. 

The little shop is a nice lunchtime respite from midtown, and is also a welcome change from all of the generic delis and chain places dotting the landscape. There was a nice French man taking orders, with a woman fulfilling them. On the menu: rotisserie chicken with or without herbs de Provence (you want the herbs), baguette sandwiches with pulled chicken, chicken meatballs (I was told this one is a winner), or chicken caesar, rice bowls, and several sides like roasted potatoes, kale mashed potatoes, and ratatouille. It all seems freshly made, and prices are reasonable.

I got the quarter-chicken meal with dark meat, which comes with one side for $7.50. There are nice touches here, like putting my chicken and roasted potatoes in a little foil warmer bag for transport. When I cracked open the bag and the smell of those herbs and crispy chicken rushed out, that was when heads snapped around in my office and the inquiries of what that delicious smell started coming in.

The chicken was moist, with crisp skin, and I though the portion was good for the price. The pile of potatoes was also nice—crispy and only needing a bit of added salt.

If you’re super hungry, you might have to break the $10 barrier and get either a half chicken and two sides, or tack a second side onto the quarter chicken. Or you could get a baguette sandwich, which range in price from $7.25 for a vegetarian model up to $9.75 for the deluxe chicken versions.

I appreciate a place where they’re doing simple French food with care, and at ML prices. Perhaps you too will surprise yourself by gushing about rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Provence, 154 E. 39th St. (btw. Lex + 3rd), (212) 922-0505


  • Ok, this is nearly in my neighborhood. I’m going to have to try this for a light lunch on some random weekend.

    Thanks, Andrea.

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    Must admit, have walked past this place several times and was looking forward to it opening. It definitely looks good and I plan to check it out. But if I ever have the extra time, I’m just going to walk a few more avenues over to Pio Pio and get a half chicken w/ rice for the same price as a quarter chicken here.

  • winner winner chicken dinner


  • Raise your right hand if you like French chicken … raise both hands if you are French.

    Nice job Andrea. I’m so there.

  • Meat was tender. Skin was crisp. They had a pasta/spinach/cheese side that was pretty damn tasty as well. I Will be back to try their sandwiches very soon.

  • Definitely looks better than the Costco bird I get, maybe I’ll start adding these fancy French herbs to it

  • Hit this place up for lunch and got the rice bowl with chicken and ratatouille since I didn’t want to make a mess eating at my desk back at work. The chicken was very tasty and so was the ratatouille. The skin is fantastic and I would eat it by the slice if they sold it.

    Unfortunately, the rice was not so enjoyable. I found it pretty bland and hard.

    The place was pretty packed and I had to wait about 10-15 minutes for my order. They ran out of meatballs, and as I was leaving I think I heard the guy saying they were out of potatos. I wonder if this post had anything to do with it.

    I’d go back, but stick to just chicken + sides.

  • My go-to place for rotisserie chicken is still the deli at the sw corner of 5th and 30th (just below midtown, I guess). A half rotisserie chicken with 2 sides and soda for $7. And the chicken, although maybe not as crispy as this, is moist and tasty!

  • (Posting here since there’s no forum) I recently moved over by 40th and Park, what’s the best street meat in the area? A co-worker swears by the guy in front of McDonalds on 40th and Madison, but I thought the hot sauce was unacceptable. Another co-worker likes the guy across the street. And everyone says to stay away from Rafiqi’s.

  • Went there today, really good. Got the 1/4 chicken and potatoes. Still tasting the caramelized garlic on the potatoes, mmmmmm

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