Celebrate Black Day at Son Ja Jang / Muk Eunji

If you’re a singleton and a fan of Korean food, you’ll want to drown your dating woes today with a hearty bowl of jjajangmyeon ($7.99) at Son Ja Jang in K-town (on 32nd btw. 5+6th)  in recognition of Black Day (April 14). It’s actually the same restaurant as Muk Eunji, although oddly there are two separate menus. Here, the noodles are made in-house, which makes this the only Korean restaurant with house made jjajangmyeon noodles that we know of in Manhattan, and then slathered in a rich gravy made from fermented soy beans and striated with chunks of pork. It’s served with a side of kimchi, danmuji (pickled radish), and raw onion that is meant to be dipped into a side of the same jjajang sauce or vinegar – all of which help to cut the richness of the sauce and noodles.

Nonetheless, it need not be Black Day nor do you have to be single to enjoy a hearty bowl of noodles at a Midtown lunch friendly price.

Muk Eun Ji, 34 West 32nd St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-736-0099

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  • What a coincidence …. every time I eat a dish of fermented bean, pickled radish, kim chee and raw onion I end up BEING single

    Wonder if it’s the meal … or the Dutch Oven afterwards that causes it?

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