Puff Cha Brings Thai Puff Pastries to Hells Kitchen

Image provided by Puff Cha

When we got word that a new Thai eatery called Puff Cha was opening in Hells Kitchen (457 50th St between 9th & 10th Ave), we responded with an indifferent eye roll. In my opinion, there are simply way too many generic Thai restaurants in Hells Kitchen – and ever since I discovered my one and only love, I rarely mix up my routine. However, I love a scrappy specialist, and these guys are serving up a menu that’s focused on Thai puff pastries, both savory and sweet, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Aside from the puff pastries, there’s a curtailed menu of soup, noodles, and most intriguing, a lunch special that rings in at only $6.95.

We’ll definitely be checking this place out soon and bringing you a full report. In the meantime, any early adopters, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

Puff Cha, 457 W. 50th St (btw. 9+10th Ave)


  • Very interesting. Looking forward to this, however, Pure Thai’s chicken curry puffs are hard to beat.

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    Would highly recommend the puff pastries, which are empanada mama size, if I remember correctly. There’s a good variety of sweet and savory options. I’ve tried all but the Hawaiian and BBQs ones, and thought they were all tasty. The chicken basil was my favorite and the spinach mozzarella my least favorite – the cheese + flaky/greasy crust was just too much. Banana choco was delicious, as expected, and the taro was unexpectedly delicious.

    I tried the Tum Yum noodles and wasn’t a fan.

  • Chris’ Thai photos are always as pretty as a ladyboy


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    I dont understand this site’s obsession with Pure. Coming from a Thai person, this place is far from authentic and not at all good. All my Thai friends agree and avoid this place like the plague. I have been here twice and the only thing that was good was the music and ambiance. the food was absolutely terrible.

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