Get Tix to Village Voice’s Choice Eats Before They Go On Sale

We here at Midtown Lunch are excited to present an opportunity for you readers to get your hands on early tickets for Village Voice’s annual food-fest Choice Eats. Starting today at noon, you can use code LUNCH to get General Admission or VIP tickets a week before they go on sale to the public (and then inevitably sell out). The event is happening on Tuesday night March 25 at 7pm at Basketball City (Pier 36) downtown. ┬áThe participating restaurants have not been announced yet, but if the previous years are any indication, there’s going to be exciting vendors that you can’t easily sample in Midtown at lunch time. Click here to purchase your early bird tickets.


  • The Voice, using a blonde with a big rack to hawk tickets? How sexist!

    Unless she’s a tranny with an advanced degree in BDSM and water sports. Then it’s OK.

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    What happened to the last artist? This looks like a super cheap knock-off of the previous artwork. Especially that dirty skirt. Maybe it’s statement on the fact that her wages are so low that she can’t afford to clean her clothes.

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    I’ve gone to this for the past 3 years and each time has been more crowded. There were points where you had to push people to get out of the crowd. I know its a charity event and more people equals more money, but its not enjoyable when you can’t move or sit down anywhere. I’ll pass this year.

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      I went last year and the 2 years before that and while it is crowded I really don’t think it’s as bad as you claim. I had plenty of space to walk, breathe, and eat. I mean…it is crowded, but I feel that’s what happens when you go to popular events.

  • They should have used Jamie’s recent “buffet” pic instead

  • Big surprise, the VIP presale tickets are long-gone. Unless they never showed up, but I think it’s the former.

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