In Which We Beg Anthony Bourdain To Bring His Hawker Center-style Food Market to Midtown

Ever wonder “where in this big Food Gallery 32-style vertical Blade Runnerized crowded market am I gonna eat today?” as you mull over whether you want curry noodles, Singapore chicken rice, mee goreng, char kuey tiow, or other awesome Asian fare? According to The Post everyone’s favorite badass chef from Jersey, Anthony Bourdain, is exploring this as an option. Hudson Yards could be one of the developments where they want to put it – square at the edge of Midtown! Could this redefine out of bounds in favor of chicken rice? (short answer: IT DAMN WELL BETTER!)


  • What a remarkably uninformative post. Still wondering what you were trying to say here. A simple link to the Post article would have been preferable.

    • What a remarkably uninformative comment. Still wondering what you were trying to say about what I had to say here. A simple link to your favorite Eeyore image would have been preferable.

  • This post went beyond awesome the moment I hit the Blade Runner link. That gorgeous HD jpg is now my desktop background.

    • “I’ve… eaten street meat you people wouldn’t believe… spongy Kronos gyro meat on fire off 38th and 8th. I watched pizza oven doors slam in the dark near Port Authority. All those… cheap lunches… will be causing stomach cramps, like… water… in… Tijuana. Time… for Pepto.”

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