Kobeyaki is Worth Going to for the Condiments Alone

Last week we put out a call out for new lunchers. Here’s a report from one of our potential new contributors, Jarret…

Kobeyaki (on 40th & 6th) has quickly become one of my all time favorite Midtown lunch establishments. While I often end up spending a little more than the ML limit ($13), I am never left disappointed. I like to mix it up between one of their burgers or buns, but I always order a side of the sweet potato tempura fries. What really makes Kobeyaki stand out, however, is their selection of sauces. They offer teriyaki ketchup, wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and plenty of sriracha. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can – not only do they offer all of these sauces, but they put them out in dispensers for sauce-loving lunchers like myself to overindulge in. As you can see, they offer plenty of containers for patrons to fill up with the sauce(s) of their choice. A few times, I have found a particular sauce empty, and upon notifying an employee, the sauce is refilled within minutes – impressive.

While I enjoy all of their options, the combination of the sweet potato fries with the teriyaki ketchup is absolutely perfect – I really believe they’ve mastered the teriyaki to ketchup ratio. So, if you are like myself and believe a good condiment can take a meal to the next level then venture to Kobeyaki and bask in the greatness that lies across from the main counter, adjacent to the soda machine, that I like to refer to as – Sauce Paradise.

Kobeyaki, 110 W. 40th Street (btw. 6th & Broadway)


  • Does anyone else leave this post with little idea of what kind of food is served at Kobeyaki or how good it is? Sauces are nice, but it is better to tell people about the food it will accompany. (By the way, the “educated-sounding” use of ‘like myself’ is incorrect; ‘like me’ is proper English. And ‘all-time’ is hyphenated.))


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    • I will be taking Janet’s advice to Midtown Lunchers to simply bypass the food and simply make a lunch of the sauces. Hell, they’re tasty, under $10 ($10 under $10) and within the boundaries… the only question I have is… spoon or straw?

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    Its, not it’s.

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    To be honest, I think Kobeyaki is pretty below average. I’ve only been once, but what my friend and I had there was definitely not anything close to good Japanese food.

    I had one of their udons, and the broth was lukewarm, and overly sweet. They topped it with what is supposed to be a “tempura” shrimp…but it looked/tasted more like an overly fried corndog. Not sure why they don’t have the proper tempura batter. I feel like the deli’s in midtown can do a better job with instant udon.

    Maybe the burgers are better? They might only be worth it for American/Japanese fusion food.

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    The burger is kind of weak… I was goin there fairly often once they opened… but I think the quality has dropped since… When they first opened, their soft shell crab bun felt like it had bigger crab then they put now.

    The sushi rolls really took a drop in my opinion. They were really big and filling, but about 2 months in, the same rolls, while big… are a LOT more rice.

    Haven’t had the Udon, but I REALLY liked the ramen whether its authentic or not, it just had really good flavor.

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