Num Pang Launches The Gramercy Tavern Pang

It’s been a while since they’ve done one of these, but Num Pang just launched their new “Chefs Give Back” sandwich, this time in collaboration with Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern. The Gramercy Tavern Pang will be available until the end of the month, but considering how tasty the Cardoz Pang was and the fact that I’ve never had a disappointing lunch at Num Pang, I couldn’t wait to try this one. Luckily there was no line at the new Times Square location (on 48th btw. 6+7th), so I was able to check it out on the very first day.

The sandwich features duck meatloaf and house-made kimchi. At $9.50, it might seem a little pricey at first glance, but it is in line with the rest of their menu, and when you consider that $6 of each sale goes to Food Bank for New York City and God’s Love We Deliver, it really isn’t bad at all.

At first I was taken aback by the amount of carrots that almost completely hid the duck meatloaf!

But don’t worry, there was plenty of meat in the sandwich. My only gripe would be that although the duck, itself, was tasty, its subtle flavors got a little lost in the heat of the kimchi and chili mayo, so if you’re looking for a strong duck flavor this might not be for you. That said, it is still worth checking out. Like all of Num Pang’s sandwiches, the Gramercy Tavern Pang is very tasty and a filling lunch. Act fast, though, because like all of the “Chefs Give Back” collaborations, this is a limited edition sandwich that will only last through December.

Num Pang
148 West 48th Street, (212) 421-0743
140 East 41st Street, (212) 867-8889

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