Uncle Gussy’s is Opening a Greek Coffee Cart Today!

Uncle Gussy's Treats Coffee Cart

There have been a lot of new trucks and carts that hit the road this year, but I have to admit that this one has me very excited. The guys from Uncle Gussy’s are opening a coffee cart today and their menu looks awesome.

I got a note from Nick this morning that today is the grand opening. Think of it as more of a soft opening. Right now the cart is bare–no wrap or signage–that should be ready next week. This isn’t Nick and Franky’s first time around with a coffee cart. In interviewing them for our book, we learned that before they took over their Uncle Gussy’s business they operated a breakfast cart in the same neighborhood for several years. Like their ice cream cart, this coffee cart will be right near the truck. While their original cart sold your standard breakfast fare, this new coffee cart is all about Greek specialities. Here’s a peek at some of the savories they’ll be serving: spanakopita, tiropita (that’s like an all cheese version of a spanakopita) and bougatsa penerli (ham&cheese).

They’ll be giving away mini savory treats (like spanakopita, tiropita and penerli) while supplies last. As for the coffee side of things they’ll be serving local roast coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and frappé–if you’ve ever been to Greece, frappe is a popular, frothy, iced instant coffee drink. That description doesn’t really do it proper justice, because if you’ve had frappé, it’s awesome and the only place I’ve been able to get it is at the Greek bakeries in Astoria.

In addition to the coffee drinks they’ll have real hot chocolate with steamed milk and juices. But the kicker, and again, this is something that I’ve only gotten after trekking out to Queens, is loukoumades, aka pillowy Greek doughnuts topped with honey and cinnamon. Nick calls them “similar to a zeppole a lil lighter.” Loukoumades and frappe were some of our favorite treats we enjoyed in Greece and I can’t wait to hit the cart today to try them. Early adopters let us know what you think in the comments!

Uncle Gussy’s Treat Cart, 51st & Park


  • Is a Greek coffee where you go on a coffee break and never go back to work?

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    Stop at your local Mickey D’s if you want a frappé.

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    After enjoying frappes and cappucino freddos in Greece last year, I was keen to find them in NYC. Thanks for this suggestion! Another non-Queens suggestion: Stix on East 23rd. Their coffee program (according to the NYTimes) was started by an award winning Greek barista. I’m keen to try their cold Greek coffee come next summer!

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