Luncher Reports: Hyderabad Cart Has Hit Its Stride

Got this tip from a Lunch’er who wishes to remain annonymous, but it seemed worth passing along…

Big fan of the site for several years, but unfortunately a passive consumer as commenting and whatnot isn’t an option with internet security settings at work. I prefer to remain anonymous if you don’t mind, but I want to recommend a favorite spot of mine. I have been eating at the Hyderabad cart on 50th and 6th pretty regularly (~1-2x week) since it popped up across from my office about 7 or 8 months ago, and I’ve got to tell you I think this place is under recognized. You guys did a nice enough piece on them back last April, but I think they have really hit their stride since. I’ve lived smack in the middle of Curry Hill for about 3 years so I think I have a pretty good handle on Indian, and aside from that have spent all 8 of my NYC years vigorously consuming all other variances of “street meat”. The family who runs it are an incredibly cheerful bunch, and although I don’t know their names or anything about them really I’ve developed enough of a relationship with them to feel like endorsing their work.

I humbly suggest that you go over there and order a Karahi Chicken – tell him extra spicy, and ask him to add spinach (it’s saag paneer). He does this for me for 7 bucks. Check out the attached photos. There is a bunch of nice rice and an interesting salad underneath all that fiery Hyderabadi chicken. He gives you a little wedge of lime and a nice little chili pepper as well as the pickled garlic and some kind of spicy yet refreshing green sauce. What I love about this dish is that it isn’t terribly greasy or creamy and almost seems healthy, but yet it is still very satisfying in the way that a nice curry or halal platter should be . It is also worth mentioning that they upgraded their containers since the below article – no more styrofoam containers – they now serve in a larger/higher quality plastic container with a lid, and I believe you’re getting a significantly larger amount of food for the same price.

Hope that this makes a difference for these hardworking people and for all the spicy rice platter eaters out there.

Hyderabad Cart, 50th & 6th


  • Would totally go for that chicken if I could leave off the side of poop

  • I tried the recommended dish yesterday. It wasn’t overly spicy, but it was enjoyable. Good quality for street food.

    They have such a big menu and I really need to try more items.

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