Totto Ramen Opens New Location, Dinner Only So Far

It has been so long since we last talked about Totto Ramen’s expansion, I almost forgot it was happening. But, Eater reports that the new location of Totto Ramen quietly opened last week. Unfortunately for ML’ers, they’re only open for dinner so far, but if we hear if that changes, we’ll let you know. The new restaurant sits on 51st and 10th avenue, just a block from the original.


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    I went looking for the new Totto Ramen last night, and based on Eater’s description of it being “just one block west of the original”, I was unable to locate it.

    I am now reading here that it is on 51st and 10th. The original is on 52nd and 9th.

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    Awesome! I am in there tomorrow. Lots of Ramen competition in that area now. It’s about to get nutz!

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