Today is Gourmet 53s Annual $3 Lunch Special Day

Cowgirl Catering, the company behind Gourmet 53, turns 19 years old today and as always they’ll celebrate by rolling back prices to 1994. That means lunch will be $3 from 11:30am to 3pm.  As in years past, they’ll also be handing out free hors d’ouvres to people waiting in line (free coconut shrimp FTW!)  Gourmet 53 is in the basement food court of 875 3rd Ave. (btw. 52nd and 53rd) and the lunch special is cash only.  Good luck!


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    Line is manageable, but no coconut shrimps. Today’s snacks were mini quiches and brushetta with chopped tomatos.

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    We are serving coconut shrimp with delicious raspberry vinaigrette right now!!! Come and join us!!!

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    I saw one tray of shrimp go by around 12:10. She started at the back of the line so I missed them. Odd looking pink dipping sauce with it.

  • Did you know that Gourmet 53 and Omar’s have the same owner? A lot of the Omar’s guys wear the Gourmet 53 shirts when working at Omars too.

  • yeah there was quite a lot of shrimp around 1. also chocolate covered strawberried! the options were meatloaf and mashed potatoes, their chicken, penne with red sauce and I think something else.

  • Dang, I didn’t read about this special until just now–and I even went to that food court for lunch! I went to the Chinese place next door. Total failure to utilize Midtown Lunch properly!

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