Barilla (Yes, That Barilla) to Open Restaurant on 52nd and 6th

What do you do if you’re a pasta company whose Italian namesake makes anti-gay remarks that the company is later forced to apologize for?  Open a chain of restaurants in Midtown, apparently!  In a campaign to raise brand awareness, the Italian pasta company, is launching a line of fast and casual Italian restaurants to make Americans eat more pasta, starting with the opening of Academia Barilla Restaurant at 1290 Avenue of the Americas. I think we’ll throw this one to the comments…

Academia Barilla (set to open by the end of 2013), 1290 Avenue of the Americas


  • Ugh. I was hoping for something better for my building, but I couldn’t expect that with the currently occupied space (Starbucks, Global Kitchen, Earl of Sandwich).

  • Q: What’s the difference between an Italian and a gay Italian?

    A: About 6 beers

  • I believe one is going into my building as well, in the old Ben Benson’s space (1301 ave. of americas).

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