Our First Look at Broadway Bites

Broadway Bites

If anyone took advantage of the beautiful crisp fall weather the other day to explore the newest UrbanSpace Market, Broadway Bites located in Greeley Square on Broadway & 6th Avenue between 34th and 32nd Streets, you’d find a few delicious lunchtime deals to be had. One off the bat plus is the layout; it’s much better for getting in and out quick without feeling like cattle in a pen.

Broadway Bites

I stopped by later on in the lunch hour and found the market busy, but not so busy you can’t find a table. Unlike Madison Square Eats, the seating is more spread out and dispersed throughout the square. There are also three different sections which allows the crowd to disperse more. I started on the uptown/34th Street side and worked my way down, but found my first lunch item in that northernmost section: lamb tacos from Chutney.

Chutney Lamb Taco

Chutney’s shtick is Indian inspired tacos where you pick a protein, a chutney, and a sauce. Tacos go for $4 each, or 3 for $10. At $4 a pop, I wanted lamb and gave it a little bit of a Mediterranean feel with cucumber and fresh herb chutney topped with mint-cilantro sauce. The lamb was nice and tender and the flavors complemented each other well. I don’t know if three tacos would hold me over until dinner, but if you’re passing through and wanted something a little bit more, these tacos are a good place to look.

Dorrian's Bratwurst

The real winner of my lunch was bratwurst from Dorrian’s Winter Garden. Their fully beer halled-out stall is in the most downtown/southern section, ready to serve up $6 brews and $7 wursts. My brat came fully loaded with bacon-laced onions and peppers and a fully serving of sauerkraut and mustard while nestled inside a slightly grilled bun. For $7, it was more than enough of a lunch and did necessitate a small afternoon nap.

All in all, it seemed like if one’s willing to go a few dollars over the ML ceiling of $10, your lunch options open up substantially (hello, Bee Sting pizza from Roberta’s), but it’s still possible to stop by for lunches under $10 (hello, Margherita pizza from Roberta’s). If I were you, I’d stop by soon before this market gets found out and becomes a mad house. The market will be open until November 24th, 11am to 9pm.

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    Sigmund’s Pretzels has a delicious kielbasa on a pretzel roll for $8 – less toppings than Dorian’s, but delicious. Doughnuttery also has hot dog doughnuts, but they ran out yesterday, and MMM…Enfes has nice phyllo pastries.

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